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Project: Restoration is an educational performing arts ministry that emphasizes Hebraic teaching and support of Israel.




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August 24, 2011














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Inspire performs David dances.

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Jewish Festival, 2011



Strawberry Festival, 2011



God's Fall Festivals, September, 2010



Interfaith Festival, 2010



Israel Support Rally, June 2010





Ethnic Aroma: A Taste of Israel,

November 2009











Project: Restoration.  You will rebuild the ancient ruins, raise up foundations from ages past, and be called, "Repairer of the broken walls, Restorer of the streets to dwell in."  Isaiah 58:12.


The mission of our ministry is

to restore the biblical and historical truth of God's word regarding His commandments, His people, His land, and His coming kingdom,

to bring God's people to an intimate understanding of the Father's present purpose on this earth and how we fit into these plans,

to enable God's people to become the Holy Nation the Father ordained from the beginning,

to bring the unity and joy that comes with mutual understanding and love between the Jew and Gentile children of God, and

to share the gospel of Jesus Christ through dance, drama, teaching and other multi-sensory avenues.